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  • Tire Pressure Gauge 60psi LONGACRE

    Tire Pressure Gauge 60psi LONGACRE

    Retails $32.99 Tire Pressure Gauge - includes both angle and ball chucks Air pressure release button Internal gauge damper for more accurate readings and longer life Flexible 14" hose with angle chuck installed - also includes ball chuck 2"...

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  • Alum Toe Plates

    Alum Toe Plates

    Retails $54.99 Quick and easy way to measure toe-in Formed design is rigid for accuracy and stays put against the tire Slots for both narrow and wide tape measures 9" tall x 24" wide Set of 2 aluminum plates

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  • Tire Bush

    Tire Bush

    Retails $9.99 This brush has steel wire for deep cleaning. Works great for dirt track racing tires. This brush has a soft grip for your hand to help with slip resistance.

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  • Stagger Tape

    Stagger Tape

    RETAILS $9.99 This awesome tape features thumb lock design 10' long steel 1/4" wide tape Great addition to your toolbox Use to measure tire circumference easily Makes for a great gift

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  • Tire Pressure Gauge 60psi JOES

    Tire Pressure Gauge 60psi JOES

    RETAILS $34.99 They feature a steel case with large 2-1/2" diameter shatter resistant plastic face Feature a built-in bleeder valve with 45 degree swivel end The hose measures 12" long for easy use with any wheel Supplied in a red finish for high...

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