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About CTP

Circle Track Performance started off back in 2011. CTP has been in business for over 14 years serving retail and wholesale customers. We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service in the industry. CTP has helped many racers park it in victory lane working with racers like ourselves and chassis builders.

We are performance-driven, built for racers by racers. We are focused on selling performance that wins, plain and simple. We want to go fast, we want to win, and we want the same for you as well. We are focused on selling nothing but the best products at the best price. What we sell is what we use. We are built for speed traction & consistency. If you are looking for a company that supplies the best then you have found it right here with CTP. 

We are confident in what we put out which is why we put out our own brand Victory Performance. Victory is not just about winning its about Victory In Jesus. As long as he is centered in your heart you will always be victorious. There is no greater victory to be won.