Wheels 15x8 Bead Locks


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$188.80 - $209.99
$188.80 - $209.99


This 15 inch wheel has all the features of the standard Bassett D-Hole wheel with the addition of a beadlock. It's the only IMCA-approved beadlock utilizing 100% spun-form shells and rings. Spun-form shells and rings are stronger, lighter and have less runout than roll-formed beadlock wheels. The inner ring now utilizes a flat design while the outer ring contains all the tire crush height. The Bassett beadlock also uses 18 high grade bolts, which clamp more consistently and prevents premature wear and air leaks.

Bassett brought back the 15 x 8 D-Hole style 15 inch wheel for the IMCA and asphalt markets featuring the same high quality spun-form shell as the Inertia Advantage wheel, but at a more economical price.

For covers using ¼” bolts
19lb steel wheel
Light weight, yet strong enough for 3500 lbs. stock cars
Valve stem behind center in window
15x8” wheel
Meets 2018 IMCA rules

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